Saturday, November 12, 2016

Zainab off to Paris for her dental appointment

After being by her husband side at the ceremonial procession that culminated with Jammeh presenting his nomination documents to the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) that officially launches his candidacy for the presidency, Zainab Zuma wasted no time is packing her luggage to travel to Paris for her dental appointment.

Zainab travels tonight to Paris by charter that will cost the public treasury a minimum of between $ 250,000 - $ 500,000  for air travel alone depending on the range of aircraft to select from.  And considering that she is traveling with two of her sisters from Guinea Conakry, 2 nannies, 2 hairdressers, her brother-in-law, and six others all of whom are Moroccans.  Her entourage include a protocol officer and 8 bodyguards, presumably all Gambians.

Zainab was expected to join her husband on his upcoming re-election nationwide campaign but, according to a source, Zainab was adamant and insisted on traveling to Paris ostensibly for her dentist appointment.  What was noticeable to Jammeh was Zainab's unusually voluminous number of luggage she was taking to Paris with her including her valuable jewelry collection.  Did the size of the crowds that greeted the Coalition opposition unnerved the Jammehs?  Some members of those close to the Jammehs definitely think so.

In a related issue, we are now being told that Jammeh is determined to maintain his Monday schedule to kick-off his re-election campaign "to prove them (meaning us) wrong" because we reported that due to his deteriorating health condition was was postponing the start of his campaign to Thursday.  He's instead asked his security personnel to proceed as originally planned.  However, there is widespread discontentment among them because many are without allowances and thus will not be able to leave money behind for their families.  "Jammeh is confused" says a disgruntled soldier.

The large crowd Hon. Adama Barrow was able to attract last Wednesday did not only unnerved Yaya Jammeh but claimed another casualty - Jankuba Colley - Mayor of KMC and the APRC National Mobilizer who has been sidelined by a very unhappy dictator.

The KMC Mayor has been sidelined by Jammeh in favor of Balla Jahumpa which led a source to  conclude that "Yankuba's fate is in limbo for now." The fact that the opposition with limited financial means was able to attract more supporters to the nomination of their candidate than the incumbent sends a very powerful message about the weakness and the rapid erosion of support of the dictatorial regime of Jammeh.