Sunday, November 20, 2016

Senegalese from Casamance region arrive in Gambia to vote in the December presidential elections

Jammeh with guards 
Massive numbers of Senegalese mainly from the southern region of Casamance are descending into the Gambia from various points of the country for the sole intent of voting in the December 1st presidential elections according to our sources close to the military establishment.

Some of these illegal voters have been lodged in the Social Security Corporation's housing scheme at Kanilai, the home village of the Gambian dictator that doubles as the administrative capital of the country.

Kanilai is an ideal location for Jammeh's guests because it is isolated and appropriately fortified with tight security measures to shield them from the preying eyes of the opposition.  The state-controlled television, in a preemptive move, has made it known that there are guests from the Casamance to help Jammeh harvest his rice farms and not for any nefarious reasons.

General Ousman Badgie the Chief of Defense Staff and General Bora Colley have been assigned to oversee the upkeep and daily activities of the Casamance voters leading up to election day when they will be driven to polling stations, preferable to those located in army camps, where they will be transported wearing army, police or other service uniforms to vote for Jammeh.  All of these category of voters are of the same ethnic group as Jammeh, who, according to sources, are being told that the Mandinkas are doing everything within their power to vote Jammeh out.

Jammeh's vitriolic assault against the Mandinka ethnic group this week after calling for peaceful campaigning is designed to play to the tribal sentiments of the Jola, especially those in the Casamance, some of whom might be reluctant to venture into the internal politics of a foreign country.

Despite his threats to kill Mandinkas, Jammeh is quietly sending messages to Mandinka communities through Lamin Kaba Bajo, a Mandinka, who served in Jammeh's cabinet and the current President of the Gambia Football Federation, to convince them that he meant not a word of his threats to exterminate the ethnic group.  Jammeh has been warned and admonish by the United Nations Special Adviser on Genocide about his continued incitement of a section of a population because of their ethnicity.

Jammeh's ruling party, the APRC, is losing support of both the Mandinka ethnic group as well as the Christian community.  Jammeh's unilateral decision to transform a Secular into an Islamic Republic is losing him support among Christians who fear that if Jammeh wins re-election he will move rapidly to start putting the infrastructure for an Islamic Sate in place.

The Coalition of the seven opposition parties is courting the Christian vote as well as all other Gambians resulting in a massive shift of popular support from the ruling APRC to the Coalition with many Jammeh supporters quietly switching their allegiance to Adama Barrow, leader of the Coalition.