Saturday, November 26, 2016

Intense Mandinka backlash, the ensuing panic and a warning to security personnel

Amadou Samba and Yaya Jammeh 
When the Gambian dictator threatened an entire ethnic group that formed the bedrock of his political support throughout his 22-year dictatorship, little did he believe that the Mandinkas will switch allegiance from Jammeh's ruling APRC to the opposition Coalition led by Adama Barrow.

The threat to kill and bury them nine feet deep and the accusation that they are "foreigners" and "enemies" of the State who deserve to be exterminated is seen by many as an existential threat to a segment of the Gambian population. The United Nations considered the speech by Jammeh as incitement and a hate speech that could lead to genocide.

The resultant effect has resulted in a seismic shift in Mandinka support away from Yaya Jammeh to the Coalition which has caused alarm in the APRC ranks.  The Jammeh camp is in panic mode as a result, and the Gambian dictator has mobilized a group of so-called Muslim elders who are armed with bundles of cash to bribe Mandinka community leaders in an attempt to stem the tide.

Lamin Kaba Bajo

Jammeh is also using Mandinka politicians and hangers-on like Lamin Kaba Bajo, Rambo Jatta, and Information Minister Sheriff Bojang to entice Mandika communities in Bakau, Kartong, Tani, Yundum, Farato, Sanyang, Brikama, Brukamaba, Jimara, Basse and in the Jarras as well as the Nuimis with cash in a failed attempt to get them to return to the APRC fold.

When everything else fails, Jammeh has also resorted to the military and security forces to exert pressure on a defenseless and highly vulnerable population.   We are once more warning security chiefs to be neutral in the execution of their respective duties throughout the election period.  Your allegiance is to the State and not to an individual.  The world is watching and so is the international community.
Yankuba Bajie

Reports are that Yankuba Badjie, the Director General of the notorious National Intelligence Agency who presided over the brutal torture which led to the death of Ebrima Solo Sandeng, the opposition youth leader, is intimidating opposition supporters to instill fear among those who oppose the dictatorship.  The NIA Director General is also known to work in tandem with Malamin Gassama, the Director General of the National Drug Enforcement Agency to arrest decent and law abiding citizens because they are opposed to the regime of Yaya Jammeh.  

Yankuba Sonko, the Inspector General of Police known to be a vicious element who prefers to operate behind the scenes is reported to pose a potential threat to supporters of the opposition parties. Beran Mbye and Nfamara Jallow of the Police Intervention Unit who brutally suppressed the peaceful protest demonstrations in April this year are being served notice again to refrain from intimidating voters and especially supporters of the opposition parties.