Tuesday, November 8, 2016

GAMBIA: Election Incident Report for members and supporters of the Opposition Coalition - Vote Barrow

Sidi Sanneh

As Gambia prepares for the December 1st Presidential elections, Gambians must be vigilant in the face of possible election violence, intimidation or incidences out of the ordinary.

We hope and pray that there will be no violence but one never knows when it comes to Yaya Jammeh who is determined to stay in power come what may.

The Gambian people in general and politicians, voters and operatives in particular must take all necessary precaution by reporting all anomalies on the platform provided below by Dr. Malanding Jaiteh.

This platform below allows anyone with a cell phone or a computer to report whatever they witness.  You can submit a report by completing the form below or uploading videos and photos.  You can send your reports via email or Messenger for those on Facebook.

You do not need to add your name, address or phone number as well.  To access the platform, press  See something, say something 

Sidi Sanneh

Reporting Violence in The Gambia 2016 Election

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