Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A constitutional coup d'etat underway in The Gambia

Sidi Sanneh 
Yaya Jammeh, The Gambian dictator, facing the most serious challenge to his 22-year iron-fisted rule from a Coalition of 7 opposition parties and an independent presidential candidate, has decided to carry out his threat to cut off electricity supply and shut down the internet, a day ahead of the presidential elections.

Plunging the entire country into total darkness by cutting off electricity supply nationwide and isolating the Gambian citizenry from the rest of the world is further evidence that Jammeh has rigged the elections.

According to the Independent Electoral Commission's (I.E.C.) own figures, the total number of registered voters 886,578 exceeds eligible voting population 18 year and over listed at 853,429 or a difference of 33,149.  It is a discrepancy that has not been addressed by the I.E.C.

The actions by the regime of Yaya Jammeh go beyond being acts of desperation by a candidate who is clearly nervous and certain to lose to Hon. Adama Barrow who is backed by seven opposition parties and an Independent presidential candidate.

We consider Jammeh's decision to cut off electricity supply across the country and shutting down the internet which allows him to manipulate the votes and subvert the Constitution in the process.  In short, there is a coup d'etat in process led by Yaya Jammeh and assisted by the Chief of Defense Staff General Ousman Badgie,  We therefore draw the attention of the world community.