Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gambian Christians must be mindful of Jammeh's political doublespeak

Azerbaijani President, Iranian President and Jammeh at IOC
Yaya Jammeh is an expert in the art of political deception otherwise known as political doublespeak.  He will insult the Mandinka ethnic group and immediately turns around and preach peace to the same group which makes him either an artful liar or a lunatic for thinking that people are not following his utterances.

Either way, in this election season, Gambians must pay close attention to Jammeh's deceptive messages designed to appease groups he had demonized and stigmatized with threats of killing them and burying them nine feet deep. He has used hate speeches against a given ethnic group on one side of his mouth and try to placate them on the other side hoping that we will not notice.

The Christian community in the Gambia must be mindful of his political doublespeak which he has perfected into an art form.  Jammeh plans to transform The Gambia into an Islamic Republic without consulting neither the Christian community nor the general population.  He intends to proceed with his plans once he secures a win in the upcoming elections.  It is thus wise to ignore his overtures to you, the Christian community because he doesn't mean a word he says.  All Jammeh is interested in is to perpetuate himself in power for his own selfish ends to benefit his immediate family and a few business cronies.

We are appealing to members of the Christian community to disown him and vote for the Coalition of opposition parties led by Adama Barrow who will usher in a new beginning after 22 years of dictatorship that has brought nothing but regression and backwardness.  He has destroyed our institutions, made a mockery of our judiciary and killed or exiled Gambia's most promising future economic, business and political leaders.  Many Gambians are determined to reject Jammeh and his leadership.  We hope the Christian community will join the rest of Gambia in this endeavor.

                              VOTE COALITION   -  VOTE ADAMA BARROW