Monday, November 14, 2016

A Note of Thanks to our Readers

Last week, we sent out a fund raising appeal to our readers to contribute to the Gambia Democratic Fund (GDF).  We are extremely pleased and proud of all our readers who stepped up to the plate and contributed to make the effort a success.

In the three days of the fund raising effort, volunteers who maned the phones and radio microphones of Kibaro, Kairo, Jollof News, Gainako, Diasporium, Gambia Daily and FatuRadio Network.  The collective team effort from the online radios named here alone has netted GDF $ 30,000 some or all of which will go towards helping finance the Opposition Coalition in the upcoming presidential elections.  More financial contributions have been realized in other separate fund raising efforts.

On behalf of us at, we thank our readers and supporters for responding positive to our appeal.  We'd also like to extend similar thanks to all those numerous radio personalities who made all the difference in the world by volunteering their time, energy and money to this worthwhile effort - an effort that can mean the difference between living in tyranny, as we currently are, and living in freedom and dignity.

We will continue to encourage you to continue talking to family members and friends in the Gambia to support the 7-party Coalition headed by Hon. Adama Barrow.  

Again, a Big Thank You.  We are very proud of you.

        VOTE FOR ADAMA BARROW   -    SUPPORT Gambia Democratic Fund

Sidi Sanneh