Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Military camps and police barracks to be designated as polling stations during the presidential elections

Jammeh in uniform 
Army camps and police barracks have been used in the past by Jammeh as cesspool of political malfeasance where foreigners are registered,and issued with national ID and voters cards.

It is a common sight to see immigration and police officers processing these illegal voters, including under-aged school children and maids from Casamance whose statuses are being regularized illegally.

In the scheduled December 1st presidential elections, the Jammeh regime has decided to designate all of the military camps, police barracks and other security-related installation across the Gambia as polling stations where, by their very nature, is hostile territory for civilians much less opposition polling agents.   Venturing into such areas is risky if not downright dangerous.

It is in these civilian 'no-go' areas that Jammeh intend to direct foreigners who have been aided and abetted by Jammeh's political operatives to participate in his re-election campaign which has proven to be his toughest and which he is more than likely to lose to Adama Barrow, the leader of a seven-party Coalition.  Foreigners will be issued with military and police uniforms and then transported into these camps to vote.

Generals Ousman Badgie and Bora Colley have been put in charge of the operations while their colleague, Yankuba Badjie, of the notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is in charge of harassing and intimidating the opposition and their supporters in an effort to suppress the opposition vote.

In the absence of international monitors, Jammeh is counting on the free rein he appears to have to rig the vote in his favor.  But as we have been emphasizing all along, the opposition is being urged to be determined and vigilant enough to challenge the regime every step of the way.