Friday, November 11, 2016

Prominent opposition supporter arrested

Mr. Jabang in blue with Dr. Touray 
Mr. Omar Manley Jabang, a cattle dealer and Kartong native who currently lives in Nemakungku was picked up yesterday (Wednesday) by three security agents, riding in a white pick-up truck.

According to close relatives of Mr. Jabang, the only reason he was picked up may be that he switched his support from the Jammeh's APRC to Dr. Isatou Touray when she was vying for the nomination of the 7-party opposition Coalition that ultimately went to Mr. Adama Barrow.

Mr. Omar Manley Jabang received a call from agents pretending to be customers interested in buying cattle from him.  The agents lured him to Abuko where his cattles were. As Mr. Jabang arrived, he was swiftly place under arrest and taken away to an undisclosed location.  His family is naturally worried about his safety and would like to know where their loved one is.

As standard practice employed by agents of the notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA), they posed as potential cattle buyers, to lure their victim into their trap only to whisk Mr. Jabang away to an unknown destination.

Mr. Omar Manley Jabang was an early supporter of the 29-year old army officer named Yaya Jammeh who seized power in July 1994.  In fact he was a member of the National Consultative Committee that was established during the transition period to prepare for the return to democratic constitutional rule.

The opposition parties and their supporters are being urged to be extra vigilant as December 1st approaches.  The Jammeh Repression Machine is in full gear and will consume anything along its path unless it is vehemently resisted at every turn.

Note: We apologize for the poor photo of Mr. Jabang.  It will be replaced with a better one as soon as one is available  Thanks for your understanding.