Friday, November 11, 2016

An appeal to contribute to Gambia Democratic Fund

Well, if you have had enough of what's happening to your country where corruption has been developed into an advanced art form and a way of life, where human rights abuses has risen to levels never imagined possible in Africa much less in The Gambia and where the incompetence level of those charged with managing the economy has caused the steepest decline in economic growth and development and thus lowering the standard of living of Gambians to subsistence levels never experienced before, we encourage you, the readers of out blog and our Facebook and Twitter followers  to contribute to the Gambia Democracy Fund.  

You can visit GDF's Facebook page and donate handsomely.  All proceeds will be to help finance the 7-party Coalition led by Hon. Adama Barrow who will be contesting the presidency against the Gambian dictator. 


Sidi Sanneh