Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jammeh orders women and children to evacuate Yundum Barracks

Yundum Barracks parade
With the December presidential elections less than a month away, Jammeh has commenced executing his bizarre maneuvers by issuing an evacuation order of all women and children from the Yundum Army Barracks.

It is unclear whether the order affects other army installations or the reason for the order. Our source said women and children of army officers are being relocated in town or their home villages.

On a related story, we've learned that in anticipation of Senegal closing its borders in advance of the elections, plans are afoot by Jammeh to commence transporting prospective voters from Senegal, primarily from the southern region of the Casamance before the borders are closed.

Thousands of Senegalese and Bissau Guinean are claimed to have been registered by the ruling APRC to vote in this years elections who will be moving into the the most populated areas of the Banjul and Kombo areas (Greater Banjul) to illegally take part in the elections.