Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jammeh forced to go on nationwide campaign tour

Nomination Day for the Coalition flag bearer, Nov. 2016
After watching in anger, fear and trepidation at one of the largest political gathering of any type ever,  as the Opposition Coalition flag bearer made his way to the Independent Electoral Commission, this morning, to submit his nomination paper, Jammeh was jolted into action.

He called up his security chiefs and asked them to prepare for a campaign tour that starts next Monday.  

The political strength of the Opposition Coalition under the leadership of Adama Barrow was not the only thing on display this morning. Strength, determination and resolve were also on display.  For example, the security tried and failed to deny the crowd access beyond the Independence Stadium where they were greeted by barricades.

Led by one of the political leaders, the caravan insisted on proceeding to 50 meters to the IEC Offices which was the distance the other opposition party was allowed access.  Determined not to have their rights trampled upon this time, the procession was allowed to proceed.

Jammeh's political campaigns have always been paid for by Gambian taxpayers.  This one he will be undertaking will be no different - Gambian taxpayers are going to foot the bill for what is going to be another expensive exercise in political theater.  He's been threatened by the size of the crowds the opposition parties have been able to attract and flexing their muscles in the process.