Tuesday, November 29, 2016

3-day blackout and lock-down starting Election Day?

United Democratic Party protest demonstrations 
Reports from reliable sources suggest that Yaya Jammeh is prepared to go to extra-ordinary lengths to quell any protest that may occur on Election Day and beyond.

The Thursday presidential elections will be the most competitive ever for Jammeh who is facing a formidable 7-party coalition which he never expected to come to fruition and to have held up to the point of posing a real threat to the survival of the dictatorship. The steady erosion of Jammeh's support is the cumulative effect of 22 years of failed economic policies and a horrific human rights record that earned Gambia the North Korea of Africa.

United Democratic Party Leadership protesting 
The Coalition campaign has steadily built momentum and its message of a balanced economic growth and development policy and the promise by the leader of the Coalition, Adama Barrow, of restoring the fundamental freedoms of speech and association that have been denied them under the dictatorship have resonated well with the voters.

Jammeh's threat against the Mandinka ethnic group with deportation to Mali because he consider them "foreigners" and "enemies" of the state drew a public rebuke by the United Nation's Special Adviser on Genocide who categorized the threat as "incitement" that could lead to genocide.  This moment is considered by many to have been the turning point in the political fortune of one of Africa's most brutal dictator.   He is now looking for ways to extricate himself from the political hole he's dug for himself.

Gambian women demanding their rights 
According to reliable sources, Jammeh is considering putting The Gambia on a 3-day lock-down mode from Thursday, 1st December - Sunday 4th December that will see electricity supply cut, leaving the country in total darkness and the rest of the world in limbo for the duration of the lock-down.

The likelihood of plunging the entire country in total darkness is an unimaginable nightmare that Jammeh is willing to subject an entire population that, he hopes, can afford him the chance of winning an election than many believe he will lose to Hon. Adama Barrow, the leader of the Coalition of opposition parties.

The potential development should serve as a red alert to the Coalition.

                         VOTE COALITION  -  VOTE ADAMA BARROW