Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jammeh's campaign tour thrown into turmoil by claims of rebel presence in the area

Sheikh Sidia Bayo
Military sources traveling with Yaya Jammeh on his nationwide campaign tour of the country say they believe Sheikh Sidia Bayo, the self-styled rebel leader of French and Gambian nationalities and his rebels are in the Central River and Upper River Regions of the country. Jammeh and his entourage are presently in Farafenni (military barracks) located in the North Bank Region advancing into CRR.

Mr. Bayo and his band of rebels that he claims have been recruited from Mali and around the region have been issuing threatening messages via social media in recent weeks directed at the regime of Yaya Jammeh that they promised to topple.

Our sources with the presidential entourage fear that the rebels are poised to mount an ambush attack on the dictator's motorcade.

"There is panic within the army and people are getting word of mouth that rebels are in the country" says a source embedded in the Jammeh entourage.  Jammeh's deteriorating health is also another concern of the military, especially his frequent fainting spells that can render him immobile and unconscious to extended period of times.

Last week, Jammeh decided to postpone his campaign tour from Monday to Thursday due to his poor health and the threat of rebel incursion in the CRR and URR.  However, once it was reported here, he decided to prove us wrong by maintaining his initial schedule.  Now that intelligence reports appear to confirm rebel presence in the area, a source is quoting a military officer as saying "we still doubt whether the elections will still go ahead,"

This is a developing story .....