Monday, November 21, 2016

Casamance voters relocated close to Jammeh's residence in Kanilai following our earlier blog post

Chief of Defense Staff Badgie 
Senegalese nationals, mainly from the southern region of the Casamance, who were transported in by agents of Jammeh's ruling political party, the APRC, have been moved from the buildings of the Social Security Housing scheme to deeper inside the belly of the presidential compound of Kanilai following our reports.

The military moved in quickly, following our blog post on the subject to move the guests to "The Recevoir" by the Chief of Defense Staff in a building that serves as reception area (thus the French name), Now the Senegalese have been lodged next to the presidential palace to be closely guarded and protected from the preying eyes of the opposition who will be very vigilant, especially on election day and by polling agents, in ensuring that non-citizens are prevented from voting in the elections.  The international media is also being encouraged to be on the lookout for these category of voters.

The Director General of the notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA) is also reported to have upped the ante as the elections draw close to December 1st, increasing the level of intimidation of supporters of the opposition by targeting specific and influential supporters.  Our sources indication all forms of intimidating tactic will increase in intensity as Jammeh continues to freak out as he sees his support continues to nosedive.  There is panic mode in Kanilai.

Yankuba Badgie
The NIA is also using the facilities of the state-controlled telecommunication companies to access personal phone numbers of prominent and influential supporters and suspected supporters of the opposition for the purposes of issuing threats.  Village community heads are being called by security operatives with threats of dismissals and jail time if their village vote the opposition way.  There is panic everywhere within the Jammeh camp because he is losing and the more this fact is apparent, the more the threats and intimidation will increase.

Public officials and civil servants have not been spared by Jammeh and his security agents.  They are being forced to campaign in their localities and are also being threatened with dismissal or worse should Jammeh lose the election in their respective administrative areas.