Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It should be all about the elections and nothing else

A. Barrow - Coalition flag bearer 
We never thought that there will ever be the need to remind opposition supporters that the selection of the Coalition flag bearer is over and the concession flag bearer is Hon. Adama Barrow.  There is hardly a political selection process that is perfect and the recently concluded opposition political party convention that selected Mr. Barrow is no exception.

After many selection processes were suggested the idea of a party convention was selected and by any measure the selection was orderly and transparent.  And as far as we can tell, the outcome was never contested.  One opposition party opted out of the selection process and so did one non-party affiliated Independent candidate who subsequently joined the 7-party Coalition.

Unfortunately, as at this writing, there is only one single holdout - a situation that we wish didn't happen but must be accepted as a product of the democratic culture the opposition parties are fighting to reintroduced.

Freedom to associate or disassociate is a fundamental right that must be respected even when it may go against one's wish or desire.  It is still not too late to abandon the isolation ward and join the coalition.

The 7-party Coalition is no mean feat that we must all be proud of because it an outcome that has eluded previous attempts at unifying the opposition.  It is, therefore, the obligation of  political leaders as well as supporters to protect the gains by ignoring all attempts to distract us from the ultimate goal of not only prosecuting an effective political campaign but to be successful in winning the presidential elections as well as the parliamentary.  From now on to December 1st, our focus should be all about the elections and nothing else.