Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Jammeh's aide threatens protesters with more violence despite international condemnation

An aide and business crony to the Gambian dictator who is facing a week of protests against his unpopular regime has issued an explicit threat of violence by posting on twitter that the security forces will "mercilessly crush" any protest march organized by the opposition parties or any other organization.

The aide goes by the ficticious name of His Royal Highness Prince Ebrahim Sanyang of the Koring Dynasty - a chracter whose exploits include trying to scam rich Arabs and professional African soccer stars into thinking that they are investing in legitimate businesses in The Gambia.

For more information on him and his business partner, Ansumana Jammeh, who is a brother to the Gambian dictator, please see here and here and here, among numerous other blog post which you can find in our archives.

Prince Ebrahim Sanyang posted the threat on Twitter recently which was quickly deleted but not before it was grabbed and can be seen accompanying this blog post.

In addition to the threat posted on twitter, several names and phone numbers of individuals and online media outlets opposed to the dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh were inadvertently posted with the threat.  This discovery confirms that members and agents of Jammeh's security forces and supporters have been targeting with the intenet of disrupting news outlets that have proven to be formidable and worthy opponents of the regime of Yaya Jammeh.
Prince Ebrahim Sanyang 

Prince Ebrahim Sanyang accompanied Mr and Mrs. Jammeh on their recent trip to Turkey to attend the OIC Summit where they hoped to attract Arab donors to the numerous "Foundations" they have created recently in response to the dwindling foreign aid as a result of sanctions resulting from Jammeh's horrendous human rights record and high level corruption.

Ansumana Jammeh, the brother to the dictator and also a business partner to the 419-type scammer (Prince Ebrahim), did not accompany them to Turkey because Ansumana is reported to have fallen out with his brother and was in the hands of the police being questioned on corruption allegation relating to  his previously held position as Managing Director of MaliGam, a trading company reportedly owned by Jammeh.

Meanwhile, protesters are in consultation regarding their next move with diaspora groups planning to demonstrate today and the rest of the week in Washington, Atlanta, London, Dakar and many parts of Germany and Scandinavia.  Gambians have vowed to continue the protest demonstration across the globe until Yaya Jammeh and his vile, violent, corrupt, and incompetent regime is toppled.  They will not settle for nothing less and neither will we.