Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dozen protesters still at NIA to recover from wounds sustained by torture

Ousman Sonko, Interior Minister
Yankuba Badjie 

Twelve victims of torture who were arrested with Solo Sandeng are still being held at the National Intelligence Agency headquarters to recover from their wounds suffered after severely tortured.

All were arrested last Wednesday as part of a larger group that participated in a peaceful protest demonstration against the Jammeh regime demanding electoral reforms.

Solo Sandeng, the youth leader and member of the executive of the United Democratic Party (UDP), who was arrested together with those presently at the NIA died Thursday from wounds suffered at the hands of Jammeh's torture team led by Yankuba Badgie, Director General of the NIA under the close supervision of Gambia's Interior Minister, Ousman Sonko, a prolific torturer himself and a confirmed serial rapist.

Police who came to take cautionary statements have been turned away of three occasions by Yankuba Badjie because the wounds sustained have not healed and still visible. These victims have thus far spent 6 days which is twice as long as the 72-hour prescribed by the constitution for anyone to be charged.  If one is not charged within the period he or she must be set free.