Monday, April 18, 2016

UPDATE: Story corrected: Opposition leader still in custory, security patrolling streets in masks

Opposition leader protesting death of party members
Ousainou Darboe, who we reported in an earlier version of this story as being released is still in custody at Mile II prisons, according to my traditional sources.  We apologize to our readers for reporting wrongly on the earlier vision.  Our sincere apologies.

Reports reaching us this morning are that "a lot of paramilitary (personnel) are out in the streets with masks covering their faces" to avoid a repeat of having their faces plastered all over social media as was the case in previous occasions that they have been out brutalizing protesters who had been peacefully exercising their right.

If they are out to ensure peaceful protest, why are they concealing their faces.  By wearing masks they have every intent to act extra-judicially and thus criminally.   Video evidence exist of the brutality meted out on peaceful protesters in the last several days of protest.

This is a developing story which we intend to follow to bring you regular updates throughout the day and weeks ahead.  This is a protest that will last as long as Yaya Jammeh insist on remaining in power.