Monday, April 18, 2016

YOUTH POWER on display on Kairaba Avenue

YOUTH POWER on display today at the protest demonstrations by thousands of young people who have grown increasingly alienated that has abandoned all of its promises made to them when Jammeh seized power in 1994.

His promises and assurances of providing quality education and employment after graduation were quickly abandoned in favor of his business cronies who helped him amass wealth for himself, his family and selected business partners.  The young have promised that their protests against the Jammeh will continue until he vacates State House.

These young men and women who showed in their numbers on Kairaba Avenue are determined to seize the occasion to remark their future without a dictator who has failed to deliver on all of his promises to the young, leading many to head for the Back Way.

Faced with a bleak future, thanks to Yaya Jammeh, the young men and women of The Gambia showed up in their numbers today to show their disapproval of the Gambian dictators policies and methods of governance which has earned him the wrath of the international community as well as ordinary Gambians.  Young men and women want change which can only come without Yaya Jammeh.