Saturday, April 16, 2016

Jammeh warns the West not to infer while protests in Gambia continue, gun fire being reported, opposition leader Darboe arrested

Following the death by torture of Solo Sandeng, the UDP, the leader of Gambia's leading opposition party, led the rest of his Executive and ordinary members are out in the streets to demand for the release of all those arrested following Wednesday's protest against the dictatorship of Yaya Jammeh, one of Africa's most brutal and corrupt.

Interviewed on online radio Gainako, Mrs. Fatoumata Tanbajang has confirmed the arrest of Ousainou Darboe who was seen being taken away in a truck with several of his party members.
Omar Jallow, commonly known as O.J. is making his way to join his colleagues.

Meanwhile Yaya Jammeh who is still in Ankara where he attended the OIC Summit has been directing the mayhem that occured the past couple of days that have resulted in scores of demonstrators arrested some of whom have been tortured and one dead as a result of injuries suffered which has resulted in today's demonstrations.

The situation is tense and people are being ask to join the demonstrators in the streets of Serrekunda, the outskirts of the capital of Banjul.  Calls are already coming for Jammeh to step down.

The shots that were earlier reported were not directed at the demonstrators but rather were shots being fired in the air by paramilitary.  This is a developing story.