Monday, April 18, 2016

The entire world is watching

Yankuba Badjie

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This message is directed at Jammeh's most loyal henchmen - Chief of Defense Staff, Ousman Badgie, Interior Minister, Ousman Sonko, Director General of the notorious National Intelligence Agency, Essa Tamba (Jesus) Commander of the Fajara Barracks and Beran Mbye, Commander of the Police Intervention Unit.

You must recognize the fact that the whole world is watching your entire moves.  We have your names and some of us know you and your families.  The moment is now for you to abandon your blind support of Yaya Jammeh and support the just cause of the Gambian people.  Your loyalty must not be to an individual but to the Nation.  We are, therefore, calling on all of you to denounce and disown Yaya Jammeh, who has brought nothing but shame and misery to Gambians and The Gambia.

The torturing MUST Stop immediately, and ALL detainees in your custody freed and unharmed. Jammeh is isolated,  The entire world has disowned him and his brutal methods of governance.  You must, therefore, refrain from harming Gambians whose demands are quite simple.  They want to be able to protest against a tyrannical regime without hindrance or being harmed by your security personnel.  The entire world is watching.  Therefore, you are expected to act professionally and allow the protesters to protest unhindered.