Monday, April 11, 2016

Can an ex-APRC Deputy Mayor be an independent arbiter? Gambians will be the judge

Alieu Momar Njie, Ex-APRC Deputy Mayor of KMC
Alh. Alieu Momar Njie is Jammeh's choice to replace the disgraced Alh. Mustaoha Carayol who has been unceremoniously relieved of his functions as Chairman of the so-called Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

While we still try to piece together the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of Mustapha Carayol, we wish to draw attention to Gambians to the fact that Alieu Mamour Njie is a card-carrying member of the ruling AFPRC of Yaya Jammeh.

It is folly, laughable and oxymoron to appoint an APRC political hack and an ex-Deputy Mayor of KMC as Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission.  We need not say to the opposition that they should come out in full force against this appointment.  In fact, the entire IEC should be disbanded because it's corrupt, partisan and ineffectual.