Sunday, April 24, 2016

Senegal army kills several MFDC rebels, destroys marijuana fields and seizes cache of weapons

Senegal's MFDC rebel 

Senegalese military attacked an MFDC rebel camp outside the town of Sindian in the Department of Bignona in the region of Casamance resulting in rebel casualties.  MFDC rebels sustained heavy casualties with one Senegalese soldier sustaining a "slight injury" according to reports. fighters reportedly were killed.

The Senegalese army also searched and destroyed large fields of cannabis which the rebels use as cash crop that fuels their low-intensity rebel war that has been going on since 1982.  A  large stockpile of harvested cannabis was also destroyed.

It is widely believed that cannabis grown under rebel-controlled areas eventually finds its way into Gambia through Kanilai which is the home village of the Gambian dictator.

In addition to the stocks of cannabis destroyed, a large stockpile of AK-47s Kalashnikov riffles were recovered by the Senegalese military which, according to a source in Dakar, will facilitate the tracing the origins and the manufacturer of these weapons.

We reported on last Thursday that Jammeh had left Banjul for his home village to meet with Salif Sadio, MFDC faction leader.  Our sources have reported that a continent of Gambia army patrol sited a heavy build-up of Senegalese troop on the Senegalese of the border.

The patrol immediately returned to Kanilai and reported to Jammeh of the sighting.   According to the same sources, Jammeh retreated to Four House which is the residential complex built by a Gambian contractor and later modified by Lebanese contractors.