Thursday, April 21, 2016

Yaya Jammeh and Salif Sadio meeting in Kanilai

Yaya Jammeh and Salif Sadio
Yaya Jammeh is on his way to his home village of Kanilai after been holed up at State House since he returned from Turkey to a week long of protests against his regime's draconian electoral laws that resulted in the death of at least three opposition members, including Solo Sandeng.

He will be meeting Salif Sadio, the MDFC Casamance rebel leader who was summoned to Kanilai by Jammeh.  A source told us that Jammeh is worried about a possible military move on the part of Senegal to the point of distributing heavy arms and ammunition to the Presidential Guard at State House and the army stationed at Fajara.  It is reported that Senegalese troops have amassed in all points of entry at the border.    

Although the subject of the meeting is unclear, the current issues confronting Jammeh in relations to the week-long protests demonstration against the Jammeh's electoral laws and the death in custody of Solo Sandeng and two or more other supporters of the opposition will be discussed with the Casamance rebel leader.

It is public knowledge that apart from harboring MFDC rebels in Gambian territory when the Senegalese army is in hot pursuit, some elements of the rebel group maintain residence in a small settlement called Bojongkoto near Abuko in the outskirts.  Reports have it that human traffic in the compounds in the area has been heavy in the last few days.

As international criticism of Jammeh regime grows louder and more frequent and after his security forces used violent force against peaceful demonstrators, Jammeh is growing increasingly nervous about what the regional leader, Senegal, will do, in addition to the border between the two countries continues to be closed to Senegalese traffic.   The border closure is in its seventh week with no sign of it being opened anytime soon.  The financial repercussions are huge for a country whose economy was already in crisis.