Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Waa Juwara: From a D 25,000 fine to six months prison term

Waa Juwara, Former Local Government Minister
Waa Juwara, former Local Government Minister, has been sentenced to 6 months with hard labor but that was the initial sentence of the judge.

The NDAM leader was initially sentence to a fine of D 25,000 but when the Gambian dictator was informed, he instructed the judge to change it to a 6-month prison term.

He was also told that Jammeh will ensure that the former Minister will not be part of the December presidential elections even though he should be out well before then.  Why Jammeh made the threat is anybody's guess.

If we think that we have inflicted a mortal blow, we better think again.  Jammeh may be limping presently but he still has life left in him to continue to harm us as a country and as a people.

We are therefore appealing to political leaders, youth organizations and ordinary citizens who have been protesting for a week against this vile, corrupt and incompetent regime to redouble their efforts. The protests must continue.  Jammeh must be driven out of State House bfore he plunges the country into absolute chaos.