Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jammeh is afraid to return to State House

Jammeh with guards 
Since he left Banjul over the weekend for his native village of Kanilai, Yaya Jammeh is afraid to return to the Gambian capital in the midst what has now been dubbed in social media as the "Mbartu Revolution".

It is so named for the hundreds of calabash-wielding women demonstrating their support for the opposition leader who was in court today to face charges for leading a peaceful demonstration last week.

Jammeh intended to return to Banjul yesterday but quickly changed his mind because, according to reliable sources, he was unsure of the reaction of the residents of Banjul towards the demonstrations - whether they will join in solidarity with the opposition.

The picture is further complicated by the increasing mistrust that exists between the Gambian dictator and the Commander of the State Guard, Saul Badgie, who has defied orders to shoot at peaceful demonstrators under any circumstances.  With his allegiance to the dictator in doubt, Jammeh is reportedly trying to out maneuver his once trusted Commander who appears to be siding with the demonstrators and against an increasingly isolated Jammeh.

In addition to the uncertainty posed by the crowds of demonstrators that are increasing daily, Jammeh is also worried about the intentions of Senegal that has amassed troops and materiel along the common borders.  Speaking by phone to Amadou Samba, Jammeh's trusted business partner and manager of his ill-gotten wealth, he accused the Senegalese music giant Youssou Ndure and TFM of being part of a Franco-Senegalese plot to undermine his regime and those of "other Pan-African leaders."  In fact, according to Jammeh, TFM is owned by French interests and not the Senegalese star.

Meanwhile, Jammeh has not decided when he will  consider it safe to return to State House.

This s a developing story.