Monday, April 11, 2016

"Alhagie Ceesay is being murdered slowly" says an eye witness

Radio journalist, Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay 
The 25-year old radio journalists, Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, who was rushed to Banjul main hospital a couple of days ago was returned to the notorious Mile II prisons only to be returned there today.

His medical condition has not been officially declared by the dictatorial regime of Yaya Jammeh but according to those familiar with the case, he is unconscious and his eyes continue to be closed since this morning, according to reliable sources.

The journalist remains gravely ill since he suffered physical abuse and torture at the hands of the security elements of the dictatorship.

The Nigerian Judge Simeon Abi who is presiding over the journalist's case has been told on numerous occasions that the radio journalist has been tortured by agents of the National Intelligence Agency and has threatened Gambian journalists with jail term whom he accused of misquoting him.  

The same Judge Simeon Abi has used endless tactics, ranging from attending workshops to calling in sick to adjourn the case.  The journalist has been arbitrarily detained for well over 9 months and Judge Abi has contributed in no small measure in delaying the dispensation of justice by endless delays and adjournments.

Family members and friends have been denied access at the hospital by security agents after news started to filter out of the hospital and into social media.  Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor the condition of Alhagie Ceesay so that we can report to the world.