Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Radio journalist Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay is now 216 days in prison despite being gravely ill.

Justice Simeon Abi
Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay has now spent 216 days in prison for doing his job as radio journalist after his case was adjourned because the judge assigned to the case is feigning illness.

Justice Simeon Abi decided to call in sick today and thus the case was adjourned once more.  Simeon Abi is one of the dictator Jammeh's Nigerian mercenary judges recruited by another mercenary prosecutor named S. K. Barkum, another Nigerian who act both as the Deputy Public Prosecutor and Chief Recruiter of these hired hands from Nigeria.

Delaying the dispensation of justice is a favorite technique employed by the tyrannical regime that utilizes the services of these unsavory characters to victimize Gambians.

As we have reported previously, Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay is a victim of torture while he is in custody. His lawyer has revealed this information in court which was quickly dispelled by the prosecution.

It is because of the constant and sustained torture sessions applied on the journalist that he's currently suffering from an enlarged liver.  It is not that the grave medical condition of Mr. Ceesay  has not been brought to the attention of Judge Abi.  In fact, the judge asked the accused what was the problem when he noticed that he had difficulty walking. When Judge Abi asked, Mr. Alhagie Ceesay confirmed hat he was in pain at which time he was offered a chair to sit.

S. K. Barkum  -  DPP     
Despite his grave medical condition, Judge Simeon Abi, is deliberately and consciously inflicting further damage to the young journalist's health by deny him bail.

Judge Simeon Abi is feigning illness.  This is nothing new.  He has routinely used flimsy excuses to avoid attending to political cases that the regime has a vested interest.  For instance, he has adjourned the case previously because he was attending a meeting. In another occasion, he refused to show up for work to dispense justice because he was attending a workshop.

It is shameful that a judge will use such juvenile tactics to punish an innocent person by delaying justice.  Shame of Judge Simeon Abi and Deputy Public Prosecutor S. K. Barkum, both Nigerians, whose unprofessional ( and some would say criminal ) behavior will be reported to the appropriate Federal Authorities in Nigeria.