Friday, February 19, 2016

More Nigerian mercenary judges and magistrates?

New batch of Nigerian "Judges and "Magistrates"

Gambia's military dictatorship has been prolonged, in part, by the deliberate policy of the Jammeh regime of hiring Nigerian "judges" and "magistrates", some, literally off the streets of Banjul to dispense justice the Jammeh way.

S.K. Barkum, Jammeh's Director of Public Prosecution, being the prolific recruiter he has become, appears to have succeeded, yet again, in recruiting a batch of his countrymen and women to fill the vacancies on the Gambian bench.  Past experience suggests that, unless the new crop of Nigerians shown here are of high moral and incorruptible character and are on the side of justice, Gambians are in for a very rough ride.

Thus, both real and perceived opponents of the repressive, corrupt and very incompetent regime of Yaya Jammeh must brace themselves to more trumped-up charges emanating from the Director of Public Prosecution, S. K. Barkum, and continued judicial interference from Yaya Jammeh through his Justice Minister, Mama Fatima Singhateh.

We will also warn all and sundry that this blog, social media and other resources at the disposal of the opponents of this vile and repressive regime will be deployed to expose any judicial malpractice that may have been committed while on or off the bench.  We will be reporting to both the Federal authorities in Abuja and to your respective home state newspaper and professional associations.

Unfortunately, due to our country's experiences with Nigerian judges and magistrates since 1994, we cannot welcome you to our country.  The damage done to our people by Justices Wowo and Amadi - to name but a few Nigerians - and Justice Emmanuel Nkea of Cameroon, is too fresh in our collective memories to do otherwise.  We shall be watching and reporting about your activities.