Friday, February 5, 2016

Is the Jammeh Foundation a money laundering operation??

Jammeh with ADC
Yaya Jammeh, the self-styled "dictator of development" has, apparently, been busy developing himself and his wife and two children at the expense of one of the world's poorest country - The Gambia.

Gambians and the international donor community have suspected that, like many of his African counterparts, Jammeh has been dipping his fingers into the public trough to finance his flamboyant life-style.

Many of his critics - this blogger included - have been unable to lay their hands on incontrovertible evidence until now.  Undoubtedly, mountains of evidence do exist, including circumstantial ones, but unmatched by accounts uncovered at the Trust Bank purportedly operated by the Gambian dictator under the account name of "Dr. Alh. Yahya Jammeh Foundation".  This revelation was made by the website operated by Jammeh's former Press Secretary.  

Two accounts, a US dollar-denominated and a local currency account, appeared to have both been personally operated by the Gambian dictator from State House and they both show transactions amounting to millions of US dollars between December 2012 and March 2014.

The foreign transactions seem to be revealing also some disturbing pattern as funds of seemingly dubious origins are moved around and across international boundaries - a conclusion based on the official addresses of the originators of some of the said funds.

This is, of course, one of many blogs that will address several Foundations set up by the Jammeh family, including the latest one, the Operation Save The Children Foundation established for and by Zeinab Jammeh, Gambia's First Lady, purportedly set up for philanthropic purposes.