Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BREAKING: Governor Omar Khan of CRR already distributing nomination papers to chiefs to nominate Jammeh for 2016

Independent Elctoral Commission's Carayol
Moments after publishing our latest blog post urging opposition parties to stand up t Yaya Jammeh by refusing to go along with the draconian Elections (Amendment) Act of 2015, we receive information from a highly placed source that Mr. Omar Khan, Governor of Central River Region, is out distributing "nomination forms" to area chiefs to nominate Yaya Jammeh as candidate for president in the 2016 elections.

The sources told me moments ago and I quote "Sidi, I'm just coming from Niamina Dankunku, but I found something very strange, that the Governor of CR sent to his chiefs nomination paper for the people to nominate Yaya Jammeh."

He proceeded to immediately to reach the offices of the IEC and demanded to talk with the Chairman who was unavailable.  He was, however, able to talk with an unidentified staff of the IEC who assured our source that "they didn't distribute any nomination papers yet."

As soon as the source was off the phone to the IEC, he said " I started receiving so many calls from Upper Saloum constituency electorates seeking clarity".  From this, he concluded that "it seems then that the process is all over Gambia, Thanks"

Based on these developments and the fact that the Election (Amendment) Act of 2015 is designed to exclude many, if not all, of the opposition parties from participation in the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections, it would be wise for every opposition party to individually and collectively reassess the current political and electoral climate in light of the new and credible information at hand.