Friday, February 19, 2016

APRC claims are false, they've already started the nomination process

APRC Presidential nomination form 
APRC stalwarts are denying reports that their party has started the presidential nomination process ten months before the scheduled December 2016 presidential elections in apparent contravention of the law. .

Yankuba Colley, the KMC Mayor, is quoted as saying that "the APRC are not politicising, but only meeting people to help them get their voter's card."

Our sources in the CRR and URD have provided us with the actual APRC presidential nomination forms (shown here) that are being distributed across the country with a target of 50,000 signatures, according to Balla Jahumpa, a Minister in Jammeh's regime and Secretary of the A(F)PRC party that is currently campaigning across the country.

Collecting signatures for the nomination of a presidential candidate at this time is illegal and contravenes the electoral laws.

We also reported that forms with the IEC logo is also in circulation but we have so far unable to lay our hands on these forms.  We will provide them as soon as we have samples of them.  Until then what is evident is that Jammeh and his henchmen have already started to skew the electoral landscape om their favor.

It is  now up to the opposition parties to take concrete measures aimed at preempting further infringement of the electoral laws by a group of A(F)PRC rouge elements determined to rig the elections before the scheduled dates of the presidentials and parliamentaries. .