Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Jammeh should not be allowed to return to Gambia" says a protester

Yaya Jammeh 
Demonstrations against the 22-year regime of Yaya Jammeh are currently going on in several localities of The Gambia while he is in Ankara attending the Organization of Islamic Conference.

 A protester wrote that "Jammeh should not be allowed to return" from his current trip to Ankara.

The demonstrations started this morning in the Serre-kunda area of the Greater Banjul Area where over fifty persons gathered to demonstrate against the dictatorship of one of Africa's most brutal and corrupt leaders.

The crowd that gathered in the market area quickly grew as it moved towards the Gambian capital of Banjul.  However, it didn't take long before the paramilitary police moved in quickly to arrest Solo Sendeng, the youth leader of the United Democratic Party.  It is being reported that others have been arrested along with the UDP youth leader.

Meanwhile, crowds of protesters are forming and growing bigger as news spread across the country,  The military is asking shop owners to close, presumably to prevent any looting.

The Oyster Creek Bridge that connects Banjul to the rest of the country has been closed in an attempt to ring fence the State House from the storm that is brewing.

A source close to the military leadership meanwhile has indicated that there is a leadership struggle already taking form among themselves with Saul Badgie "making the initial moves in an attempt to fill a potential power vacuum that is about to develop."

Meanwhile, Jammeh is reportedly despondent and constantly on the phone to Banjul in an attempt to get the military to retain on his side - a proposition that is up in the air as we go to press,

This is a developing story....