Friday, April 29, 2016

Editorial: Enough is enough, Jammeh must go

Sidi Sanneh 
Yaya Jammeh has overstayed his welcome.  He must, therefore, vacate the State House.

This is the message the thousands of Gambians have been displaying in the streets of Serekunda in the outskirts of Banjul and in the city of Banjul itself that is hosting the High Court hearings of the United Democratic Party (UDP) leader, Ousainou Darboe and co who are faced with six counts of unlawful assembly, riot, incitement of violence, riotously interfering with vehicles, holding a procession without a permit.

Yesterday, the Nigerian mercenary Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) S. K. Barkun, who doubles as recruiter of mercenaries that have infested Gambia's court system, added a seven count of conspiracy against Ousainou Darboe and nineteen others.

These charges are further proof that the mass arrests of the top echelon of Gambia's biggest political party, including it's leader and almost its entire Executive, is nothing more than a political act of intimidation with the intent of eliminating any threat to Jammeh's electoral chances in the December presidential elections.  The unintended consequences of these legal maneuvers by Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mama Fatima Singhateh and her DPP, S.K.. Barkun that the effect as a keen followers of Gambian affairs said "[E]ach new charge brings more support" for Darboe.

Jammeh seized power promising Gambians "transparency, accountability and probity".  Three words that have disappeared from the dictatorship's lexicon because the opposite is what Jammeh and his regime have managed to transform a once well-managed economy and more transparent public administration under Jawara than Jammeh's 22-year of brutal, corrupt and incompetent regime.

It is not only that corruption is rife, incompetence a badge of honor and tribal affiliation a passport to high positions of power in Jammeh's regime, but the abuse of the human rights of Gambians and non-Gambians alike have reached such acute levels that it has resulted in two-week of rare protest demonstrations.  The ensuing violent crackdown of the peaceful demonstration by Jammeh's security agents which led to the death of Solo Sandeng and two others in custody fits the pattern of violence employed by a regime as a means of maintaining political power.  The employment of such violence and various torture techniques have earned The Gambia the title of North Korea of Africa.

If nothing else fails in demanding that Jammeh leaves office, his personal record of corruption and incompetence should deny him the privilege of being a candidate for a 5th term of 5 years.  He didn't deserve his first opportunity, mush more a 5th stab at the presidency.  It is, therefore, time to same to Yaya Jammeh, enough is enough. #JammehMustGo.  Na dem-adem-adem.  The protest demonstration will not cease until we see the back of Yaya Jammeh.