Wednesday, October 14, 2015

More evidence: Kora Broadcasting Corporation and Future Africa Foundation are scams

HRH Prince Ebrahim with Gambian dictator Jammeh
KORA Broadcasting is only one of many dummy companies and foundations created by the Gambian scam artist who goes by the fictitious royal title of His Royal Highness Prince Ebrahim for the sole purpose of fleecing the unsuspecting public, including the gullible, across the globe.
African Union flag

The "O" in Kora Broadcasting Corporation logo with the map of Africa in the middle of what resembles a radiating sun is the insignia at the center of the official flag of the African Union.

We need not tell His Royal Highness, The Gambian Prince that it is a serious copyright infringement to mimic, replicate or copy a copyrighted material of any kind.  The intent of using the logo on the flag of the African Union is to lead people to believe that his bogus businesses or, more appropriately, dummy companies are not only legitimate but enjoys the confidence and recognition, if not business association with the continental organization.

The logo has been deemed to be the perfect replica of the logo on the AU flag.  We continue to maintain that "Prince" Ebrahim is engaged in a 419 operation with close family members of the Gambian dictator.

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 One can see from the promotional piece on the left that it was posted in Kora's twitter account on February 11th, 2015, confirming a multi million investment, conveniently leaving out the currency denomination, of what he described as an "African focus (sic) state-of-the art media complex in the Gambia within weeks." (emphasis ours).

Up to the time of publishing this blog post,  HRH Prince Ebrahim is owing several Gambian employees back pay and arrears in office rents, according to sources.

He is able to get away with scams because he's in partnership with the brother of the Gambian dictator and former Ambassador of The Gambia to Qatar, Ansumana Jammeh. The Ambassador and the Prince both married in the same family. Ansumana Jammeh, although somewhat out of favor with his brother because of a scandal involving what claimed to be a Qatari agro-business firm named Conapro that promised to build a food processing and animal feed factory (all in one complex) factory that never materialized even though the Qatari investor, accompanied by Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh to his brother's office at State House, provided samples of the finished products from the factory.

The Gambian dictator in receiving the samples at State House,"praised God for His Blessings and thanked Conapro (the name of the Qatari firm) for what he called the fastest investment in the history of the country.."  President Jammeh didn't stop there, he further commended the investors for doing the project in record time, adding that they have also proven the skeptics wrong who cast doubt over it", reports the government newspaper, Daily Observer. Read the full Observer story here.  The only problem is that the factory was never built.  It turned out that the samples came from somewhere else. The "business transaction" was all done and concluded by the dictator's brother who was subsequently recalled as a result and has been bouncing from one job to the next while maintaining a close business association with HRH Prince Ebrahim of the Koring Empire.

Since our blog post of September 8th accusing Prince Ebrahim and his string of companies as bogus and a scam, several developments have occurred as expected.  Typical of 419 scammers, they constantly transform themselves by changing tactic and mode of operation to stay ahead of the rest.  His Kora Broadcasting Corporation website, the subject of a potential libel suit in Washington DC has been down for weeks now and his Future Africa Foundation website has been revised extensively.  KORA Broadcasting is the propaganda arm of Yaya Jammeh's campaign for his fifth term as president, an ambition we seek to deny him its fulfillment.  We believe 22 years as dictator is enough and thus not be allowed to present himself as candidate.

Readers will recall that Prince Ebrahim claimed to have in his Future Africa Foundation  Board of Trustees names like former Presidents Jerry Rawlings of Ghana and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa. He also listed Mary Robinson, former United Nations Commission for Human Rights and Prime Minister of Ireland among a host of other Heads of States and international figures.  When these claims were shown to be untrue and the names were being used without the prior consent of the personalities concerned,  the faux Prince quickly changed the composition of the Board of Trustees.

According to his Future Africa Foundation website, the new composition of the Board is as follows: Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of The Gambia, Barrister Uzoma Achigbue of The Gambia of Nigeria nationality and son-in-law of Barrister Antouman Gaye, Ms. Carollyn Lascalles of BLJ, London and Icse Nelson of Royal Africa Holdings and Ms. Fadia Ahmad Abdulrazaq of Africa Royal Holding, Ghana.

The list of HRH Prince Ebrahim's vast empire comprises, as at last count, of the following:
1. Royal Africa Holdings
2. Africaada Bank
3, Africaada Airlines
4. Invest Gambia
5. Prince Ebrahim Future Africa Foundation (Pefaf)
6. KORA Broadcasting Corporation

This continues to be a developing story.....