Tuesday, September 8, 2015

KORA Broadcasting Corporation: What's in a name?

Some of you may recall our fights with Jefferson Waterman International (JWI) and BRG Government Affairs, both Washington lobbying firms, led by a former American Ambassador to The Gambia and a former Mississippi Governor respectively.
Both ourselves and DUGA picketed the offices of JWI and DUGA alone protested in front of the BRG offices. We mounted a petition drive on change.org and the ensuing publicity drove both high-powered lobbyists to cancel their contracts with the Gambian dictator worth millions of dollars annually.
Our successes have driven Jammeh away from the Washington's "K" Street to the fringes of the "African market" or should I say the "Banjul market." It took the detective skills of @Jefferey_RFKennedy to out this outfit that Jammeh plans to use as a propaganda tool for the upcoming 2016 presidential election.
Our Research Team has started to unearth the true identity of this phony Corporation which is a Banjul-registered company with a highfalutin name with "offices" in Birmingham and Accra. When we googled the Birmingham address, what we got on Google map was something that looked more like an elementary school than a branch office of a Broadcasting Corporation.  
We have searched the British companies register and can thus confirm that KORA Broadcasting Corporation is neither a British company nor it is registered in Britain. We are looking into the Accra connection.
Gambians have had enough of these types that resemble fly-by-night corporations and individual scammers that the regime of Yaya Jammeh use to siphon off the meager resources of poor Gambia. Needless to say that we will pursue this so-called corporation that looks more like a scam than a serious company.
Remember this name: KORA Broadcasting Corporation