Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is the Supreme Islamic Council fermenting civil strife in The Gambia?

Radical cleric, Dr. Baba Ceesay 
Chairman of SIC with stash of cash 
Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) declared, last week, that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, that has co-existed with the mainstream Muslims and Christians alike for over half a century is a non-Muslim sect and thus cannot bury its dead in a Muslim cemetery. 
The decision has invited a strong condemnation from the Leader of the Ahmadiyya, declaring the SIC statement as false, with the warning that such brash and wanton edict has the potential of creating civil strife in a country known otherwise for its secular form of government.
We have, on numerous occasions, raised concern about the role played by SIC within the Jammeh regime, where it is performing the role of a government department, enjoying government subvention and other forms of budgetary support, contrary to the traditional and secular role of similar organizations elsewhere. As a result of the budgetary support enjoyed by SIC, the Gambian dictator has direct control of, and thus, an influential role in, the way and manner the SIC performs its state functions.
Nothing gets through the SIC without the approval of Yaya Jammeh. So as long as there are no problems in the horizon, Jammeh will continue to push the envelop behind the curtain until something goes wrong and then he will blame the Chairman Touray of the Supreme Islamic Council for causing the problem. If you don't believe us, ask Imam Fatty.
Finally, just ask yourself what would SIC do if Jammeh was to pronounce this afternoon that Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at is after all a Muslim sect. The Chairman of SIC will be the first to rush to the local news outlets to declare that, indeed, Ahmadiyya are Muslims and that it was all a mistake on his part.  Jammeh is right and the Supreme Islamic Council was wrong.
These people are not pious Muslims but charlatans who are allowing themselves to be used for a few worldly possessions like an SUV, a fat salary, salibos and periodic trips to Mecca. Shame on them.