Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why nothing coming from Jammeh matters

Mubarak and Jammeh - in the beginning 
Well, almost nothing, except if he comes out saying plainly and straightforwardly: "I am resigning, and I want to negotiate with the Gambian People the terms and conditions of my vacating State House."

My inbox is full of messages about what is purported to be an impending announcement - an announcement initially scheduled for the eve of Tobaski, then it was for Tobaski day, now it is to be on Sunday -  which suggests to me to be more of another typical Jammeh distraction tactic.

All of the scenarios in my possession involve Jammeh dictating his own terms and conditions, including selecting his successor which, in one case, involves a leader of an opposition party.  None of these scenarios make any sense to me because, among other anomalies, Jammeh is not or will not be leaving on his own volition.  He will leave because he is being forced out, and just like Burkinabe General rudely discovered, when you are forced out, you don't get to dictate your terms and conditions.  The People decide, they dictate the terms and conditions under the aegis of the United Nations and European Union.

Jammeh has ruled The Gambia, unfettered and unchallenged for almost two decades, during which time he had killed, maimed, tortured, made to disappear, extrajudicially executed and exiled thousands of Gambians and other nationalities.   To suggest, for one minute, that he will be accorded the privilege and luxury of framing the narrative of his inevitable exit from the stage is preposterous and wishful thinking, at best.  The Gambian People will decide that and not the leader of a failed regime who has brought nothing but pain, misery and hardship to two million Gambians.