Thursday, September 24, 2015

An Open Letter to Gambia's notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA)

One of thousands of victims of the NIA
Tell Yaya Jammeh, The Kanilai Monster, that no amount of intimidation will silence his victims of rape, torture and murder.  

They will tell their stories to the world - a world anxiously waiting to hear and document the horror stories that these young girls who should, otherwise, have been in school but were, instead, held captives against their will, only to be sexually exploited.

The case of Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay, the Managing Director of Radio Teranga FM, is now in jeopardy of being thrown out of court because the principal prosecution witness is none other than one of your victims who has now escaped from your evil machinations and in safe custody. 

We have learned in the past couple of days how these young girls, who would otherwise be pursuing their dreams in universities, are being manipulated for political and sexual gains by Jammeh with the tacit help of the National Intelligence Agency.   We have also learned that the prosecution witnesses have been coached into fabricating testimony against an innocent man.  Because their conscience will not allow them to be used, they elected to flee a country they love, leaving behind family, friends and colleagues.

In the coming days, we will examine the ways and manner our Justice Ministry has been transformed into a den of co-conspirators against innocent, hardworking and conscientious who are being regularly and constantly being railroaded into prison because they are either opponents of the dictatorship or have refused to "play ball" with a corrupt and incompetent regime.  

We will link the Director of Public Prosecution, Barkum, a  Nigerian, who recruited a fellow Nigerian, Mohammed D.A.. Balarabe, as High Court Judge who is unsurprisingly the judge presiding over the fate of Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay.   

We are demanding that Judge Balarabe resign.  The DPP is equally corrupt and should lap vacate his position.  Both are unworthy of calling themselves Africans who allowed themselves to be used by one of the most tyrannical regime to subjugate 2 million Gambians.  Both should be ashamed of themselves.  

No mercenary judge employed by Jammeh to do his dirty work for him will be spared from being exposed for unprofessional conduct and corruption just like the other mercenary judges like ex-convict and former Chief Justice Joseph Wowo and former Special Court Judge Emmanuel Nkea who skipped town before he was arrested by the Gambian dictator.