Thursday, May 5, 2016

Yaya must step down

Gambian women sweeping Jammeh's dirt 

Yaya Jammeh was not equipped to be president then.  He's not equipped to be president today, period. So for the good of the country, we are asking him to step down now while he still has the chance to do so voluntarily.

Because the broom-wielding women protesting against his dictatorship are ready and determined to clean up the dirt he's allowed to accumulate in every crevice of his corrupt and incompetent regime.

The broom is an apt and powerful symbol of cleanliness that ensures a hygienic and healthy environment for economic growth, development and progress - elements that have been lacking throughout Jammeh's 22-year misrule.

The brooms will help clean up the dirt that has come to represent Jammeh and his team of A(F)PRC sycophants at home and abroad.  #JammehMustGo