Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jammeh must step down

This is how it looks like this morning going to Banjul.  Traffic has been blocked at Serekunda for miles and so to get to Banjul. you must go through Bakau, according to a source.  The trip to Banjul this morning will cost you D 100.

Yaya Jammeh has taken Gambians for a ride  and for granted for 22 years.  Let us show him that we have had enough of him.  We must demand his resignation.  Gambians cannot and will not allow an incompetent, corrupt and ignorant character like Yaya Jammeh continue to ruin a once beautiful and progressive nation.

We must stay in the streets, for as long as it takes, to rid this cancer from our midst. This man and his equally corrupt and high-maintenance wife must leave the State House.  #JammehMustGo