Wednesday, May 18, 2016

To Gambian students : Don't listen to the buffoon

Gambian dictator, Yaya Jammeh, who is on a tour of the rural areas of The Gambia, ostensibly to
have a dialogue with the farmers, has instead decided instead to dispense advise to Gambian students not to visit, what Jammeh deemed to be, "negative sites"on the internet.  Instead he recommended that students visit "positive sites" and avoid satanic ones.

Jammeh, like dictators of his ilk, has tried successfully for a number of years to shield the Gambian population, and students in particular, from the so-called 'satanic' sites in the internet because those sites expose his excesses.

It is only recently that Gambians have come to learn about Jammeh's womanizing which now include importing plane-load of Ethiopian prostitutes organized by his Ambassador to Ethiopia, effectively turning our Ambassadors into pimps.

His sexual exploits unfortunately extends beyond prostitutes to Gambian school children who are selected through the annual beauty contests organized by Jammeh's own Minister of Basic Education. Winners are pulled out of school and offered jobs at State House as "protocol officers" who are Gambia's version of Japanese "comfort women".

For 20 years, Jammeh has isolated ordinary Gambians from the outside world by denying them access to real and unfiltered news.  There are few news outlets, all of which are free of news considered unfavorable to a regime that has come to be known as the North Korea of Africa because of the dark, mysterious and sinister environment Jammeh has succeeded in creating.  It must be part of what is now referred to by his Information Minister as Yaya Jammeh's social re-engineering crusade.

As part of the effort to keep Gambians in the dark, Jammeh has tried, unsuccessfully, to block the use of popular apps like Viber and Whats App to prevent Gambians from accessing unfiltered information around the world that Jammeh considers to be satanic sites.  Now, students and ordinary Gambians have succeeded, through persistence, to access the internet for unadulterated and information free of Jammeh's propaganda.  Because of this, his exclusive claim to power through misinformation is being challenged by the political opposition and gradually by students who have started to question Jammeh's competence as a leader.

The growth in readership of this and similar blogs and websites that provide alternative viewpoints and critical political analyses is testimony to the new wave of political awareness of students and public officials alike.  It is for this reason that Jammeh is worried stiff by suggesting to students that we are satanic and should be avoided.   Jammeh is the Satan who must be rejected by students and farmers alike.  Jammeh is