Monday, May 9, 2016

Gen. Saul Badgie disobeys Jammeh's orders to deploy the Republican Guard to quell peaceful protests

General Saul Badgie, the Republican Guard Commander who is based at State House refused to carry out Jammeh's order to deploy the Republican Guards at the High Court in Banjul for the purpose of dispersing the protesters.  The orders from Jammeh came to General Ansumana Tamba, stationed at State House who passed to General Badgie for final go-ahead.

When General Badgie refused to carry out the orders, Jammeh resorted to his most brutal and loyal "follower" or baye-fall (in the Wollof language), the Casamance-born Interior Minister, Ousman Sonko to carry out the brutal suppression that is being carried out today.  Nfamara Jallow of the Police operations Department and Biran Mbaye of the Para-military police are the other two officers responsible for the carnage unfolding along along the Banjul-Serrekunda highway from Old Jeshwang.

An eyewitness described the scene thus : "Yes I was there.  It began at former iceman.  We were walking on foot from Old Jeshwang towards Westfield.  We were seriously tortured. I witnessed it.  Currently, Ousainou's compound gate is a military barracks just opposite the US Embassy."

Today's use of brute force was triggered by the size of the crowd that came out to protest and show solidarity with the leader of Gambia's biggest opposition party, the United Democratic Party. Jammeh was reportedly taken aback by the number of protesters on the streets of Banjul who were out with banners denouncing dictatorship and demanding Jammeh to step down in their t-shirts with the image of the UDP leader imprinted on it. .

Heavy arms, including machine guns, have been seen being moved from State House.  Where they are being moved to is unclear.  But own sources are on top of this aspect of the story.

Jammeh who is still upset about the high turnout of protesters, including women, is directing the operations from his native village of Kanilai.

This is a developing story ....