Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Security personnel rounding up wives, husbands and children of detainees already in custody

Jammeh's security forces have started to round up wives, husbands, children and relatives of those who are already in custody.

This massive sweep has everyone in edge including school children whose parents have already been arrested and in custody.

The sister of the 4-week old Baby Fatty's whom we featured in an earlier blog post is now on the run and run and has already interrupted her schooling.

She has been absent from school all of this week because the paramilitary are looking to arrested her.  The schoolgirl's father, Modou Fatty, her mother Kaddy Fatty and her 4-week old baby sister are all under custody in different locations.  You can find their stories here.

Reports reaching us now is that Fatoumatta Jawara, the protester arrested on the 14th April, and was severely tortured at the hands of Yankuba Badjie's torturers has fallen victim again.  This time, as her husband was leaving the High Court in Banjul (where the protesters were at a hearing), he was arrested for no other reason besides being the husband of a woman they sexually violated and tortured less than a month ago.

Fatoumatta Jawara, Nogoi Njie and Fatou Camara's story of the sexual assault they were victims of can be found here.  Meanwhile, the world is, once again, being alerted to the likelihood of violent action being taken, including mass tortures and other atrocities, against an unarmed civilian population.

We are urging Gambian citizens to take out their smart phones and take videos of paramilitary and security personnel who are rounding up innocent citizens around the Greater Banjul Area.  Citizens must remain vigilant and protect your fellow citizen from a regime that continues to use repressive measures to retain power.