Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jammeh to dispatch a delegation to UDP Interim Leaders to cancel this week's planned demonstrations

Trapped like a caged animal, Yaya Jammeh is trying every trick in the book to quell this week's planned demonstrations by a coalition of opposition supporters to show support of, and in solidarity with, the leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainou Darboe who is facing multiple charges including incitement of violence, unlawful assembly and conspiracy.

He was arrested and charged together with 38 others of his supporters for demonstrating against the death in custody of Solo Sandeng, a youth leader and party executive.

Rare protest demonstrations have been growing persistently larger with greater degree of intensity, generating tense moments at times with Jammeh's security forces.   Jammeh, obviously fears that should these protests continue, it can lead to a confrontation that will threaten his hold on power.

The regime of Jammeh has never been tested in this fashion in its 22-year history with the world's eyes trained on him and thus limiting his options by deploying the paramilitary in riot gear - as opposed to AK-47 wielding military personnel which he had used with devastating effect in the past.

His regime is further challenged by a 10-week border closure which has send the fragile economy into a tailspin.  He is now trying to interest Senegal into a dialogue to discuss new proposal which has been politely acknowledged by the Senegalese Foreign Minister.

To avert a potentially explosive situation, our sources are reporting that "a high-powered delegation' comprising of the Vice President, Imam Ratib of Banjul and some members of the Banjul Elders is being dispatched to meet with the Interim Leaders of the UDP, namely Aji Yam Secka and Dembo "By-Force" Bojang.

The mission of the delegation is to convince the UDP leadership to cancel the demonstration a highly unlikely outcome given what is at stake i.e. the freedom of 2 million Gambians against the personal interest and safety of Mr and Mrs. Yaya Jammeh and their two children.