Sunday, May 1, 2016

The first of three of Jammeh's henchwomen

Isatou Njie-Saidy
Isatou Njie-Saidy, Jammeh's Vice President, is not only the longest serving cabinet minister in the 22-year old history of one of Africa's most violent and repressive regime, she's also the longest serving Vice President in the world.

The long service to Africa's most vicious regimes is well-deserved because of the valuable service she renders to Africa's version of Kim Jung Un of North Korea,

She has witnessed most, if not all, of Yaya Jammeh's most vicious acts of violence against the Gambian people and she has always been the first out of the gates to defend and justify some of the most odious crimes committed by the Gambian dictator.

Her most unforgettable defense of Yaya Jammeh that has been indelibly etched in the collective minds of Gambians was when the dictator gave the orders while on a state visit  to Cuba to "kill the bastards" referring to unarmed school children who were demonstrating against the regime following the death in custody of a fellow student named Ebrima Barry and the raping of another colleague by members of the security forces.

In carrying out the order, the security forces mowed down 14 unarmed students with AK-47s.  The massacre was justified by Isatou Njie-Saidy with the false claim that the kids broke into a military armory and had been carrying guns.  What a gullible lie.

She has been in the front of every atrocity committed by Yaya Jammeh with concoctions of excuses and fabrications for the sole intent of deflecting public anger.  She has applied the same method for the entire twenty years she's been associated with the dictatorship with no sign of a change in the blind support of one of Africa's most vicious dictators.

The recent protest demonstrations against the vile, corrupt and incompetent regime that led to the death in custody of Solo Sandeng and others and the arrests of the leader of the United Democratic Party, Ousainou Darboe, are clear manifestations of the Gambian will and determination to rid the Gambia of these characters.  #JammehMustGo