Saturday, May 7, 2016

BREAKING: Jammeh to go on tour next Thursday

Meet The Farmer's Tour  - Kalagi
Yaya Jammeh has just informed a very surprised security personnel that he intends to conduct a tour of the provinces, starting Thursday. May 12th. The duration of the tour is unclear at this time.

Upon hearing Jammeh's plans, a security personnel was quoted as saying the idea was "crazy", given the current political turmoil the country is going through following the death in detention of Solo Sandeng and the arrest of many protests demonstrators.  

The death of Solo Sandeng resulted in further demonstrations led by the leader of the United Democratic Party and numerous members of party executives and supporters who were subsequently arrested, charged and remanded at Mile II prisons.  They are scheduled to re-appear at the Banjul High Court next Monday.

The idea may be crazy in the eyes of one security officer, but to Jammeh, anything that will change the narrative, even engaging in a risky venture like a provincial tour, is worth the risk.  The timing is equally questionable and inopportune because of the political instability that the country is going through at the moment.