Thursday, May 5, 2016

Meet Sulayman Gassama, State House videographer

Sulayman Gassama, of Pirang 
Sulayman Gassama is Yaya Jammeh's videographer and photographer.  His specialty is to record torture and rape sessions conducted by Jammeh's torturers and rogue elements within his murderous regime.  

This man has video taped and documented numerous rape sessions for Yaya Jammeh which he enjoys watching, especially victims he considers his arch enemies.

Wives of Jammeh's opponents - real and perceived - are have been taken to the NIA torture chambers to be raped and filmed for the listening and watching pleasure of Yaya Jammeh.

Jammeh is reported to enjoy watching fellow Gambians being tortured and raped by men drunk on alcohol and drugs financed by Gambian taxpayers money.  He usually laughs at the sight of the trauma these unfortunate victims are subjected to.

We will be featuring these creatures with their photos in subsequent special editions for the world to see and get to know them for the monsters they are.  This man's father was a revered Muslim scholar - so they say.  Look at him.