Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Support Gambia Democracy Fund for a worthy cause

Within the short period that the Gambia Democracy Fund has been re-structured and under new and dynamic management, the GDF has really made its presence felt, in a substantive way, by helping support the advocacy activities of many organizations in the dissidents Diaspora communities and grassroots organizations at home.

We encourage our readers and our Facebook and Twitter followers to go to GDF's Facebook page and donate to the Fund whose primarily purpose is to fight the dictatorship in The Gambia with the ultimate goal of reinstalling democracy and the rule of law.


DISCLAIMER:  No one at sidisanneh.blockspot.com, Sidi Sanneh included, is currently or has ever been a members of GDF or has ever benefited from GDF proceeds. We wish to assure all and sundry that we have neither the intention nor the desire to ever benefit directly from its proceeds.  Therefore, please feel free to go and donate.  It is for a worthy cause.  Democracy is not cheap. Thanks